Moselle - Next Evolution of Trade

Pictured above: my family’s grocery business has been a landmark of Little India in Toronto since the 1980s.

Lakhveer Jajj - Founder & CEO

As a child, I remember watching pallets upon pallets of goods moving back and forth along our back driveway. I never realized that my father was running a second storefront, to me, it would just look like more of the usual business. At the street level, customers would come in to buy groceries from our local Indian store, while in the back, a different type of customer was purchasing the same goods but by the pallet or truckload.

Most people assume that businesses cater exclusively to consumers, but that is far from reality.

Most consumer goods are transacted by many businesses (wholesalers, distributors, brokers) before they end up in the hands of consumers. This invisible layer of goods and money being exchanged globally is obscure for most and has been relatively unchanged since my father started his business almost fifty years ago. To me, this is where the opportunity lies.

In 2020, we’ll be launching a new venture called Moselle. Named after the river in Europe to signify the history of water and how it remains the carrier of choice to move our goods across vast distances.

Moselle is a digital platform for small-to-medium businesses involved in trade, to remove common pain points and enable growth beyond their means. Our mission to use technology to help next-generation businesses create impact for their consumers and communities.

The Starting Point

Like any ambitious vision, we need accessible tooling that can better support businesses today. That is why we are launching a version of our platform to help business owners to manage their imports and access better trade financing. The platform will make it easy for business owners to see exactly where their shipments stand, anticipate next steps and find alternative trade financing to help bridge transactions, keeping their businesses moving only forwards.

If you are a business that imports products and is interested in how Moselle can push your business forward, sign up today and join our waiting list for access as we roll out.