How To Stabilize Your Supply Chain

We’ve done the research, now you can read and act on tangible steps to strengthen and stabilize your supply chain.

How resilient is your supply chain?

Small business owners said they often experience the negative impacts supply chain instability.
When taking action to improve to their supply chain, the changes made are quickly felt throughout the business - with less supplier problems and more satisfied customers.
We connected with small business leaders to understand their common supply chain challenges and found the best practices & solutions to support leaders like you.
“When we start sourcing products from other parts of Africa, we lose some physical control over that part of the supply chain; it’s not going to come to me in Ghana first before going overseas. A big part of good quality control is having a strong relationship with the producer so we can mitigate that risk.”
Bernice, Founder & CEO of
Africa Goodnest

This report will help you:

  • Regain control over your supply chain
  • Manage multiple stakeholders throughout your supply chain
  • Develop reliable & consistent supplier relationships
  • Address cash flow problems and financing your inventory
  • Reduce delays and defects in your supply chain
Optimal supply chains have 15% less costs and 3x faster cash-to-cash cycles.
Source: Jigsaw Business Group
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