release notes

Release Notes - March 😎

Lakhveer Jajj

This month we’re rolling out an exciting new customizable pivot table feature that will help make your reporting much more dynamic and instantaneous

Review Demand Fast

Our new planning pivot table will give you the ability to view your gross sales alongside your units sold at a high level. You can customize your table view to see sales across channels, SKUs, and product types, and months to give you the best breakdown of your business. This dynamic table is entirely customizable and gives you the option to create any report you need at your fingertips.

Easier Reporting Filters

Our filters are much more precise in giving you the table view you want. Adjusting the row groups, values, and column labels gives you real time changes on your reporting, and allows you to have the ability to create as many report iterations as you want.

Export Group of Tables you Create

We know that there are many power users for excel, which is why we’ve included the ability to export the table for any of your further analysis. We’ve included the ability to export to CSV and XLSX, and various charts to help give your custom table a visual representation.

Stay tuned for our next release:

  • Allowing users to upload and update bill of materials and master item list to update all SKUs
  • The ability to export all purchase orders in one file
  • View forecasts by product lines and product types